Do you believe in true love?

The kind that makes your knees weak,

Heart race —

A pitter patter too fast for rationale.

Your face flushes and

Your breath is shallow —

Somehow you can no longer speak,

Left to the mercy of circumstance.


I believed in that love,

But I’m not sure anymore.



The People We Were

When I look into your eyes

It hurts.

I see the memories I worked to forget —

The walls come down,

And it all comes pouring back.


The worst is

It’s all the good things

That return.

All the excitement,

The terrible things we did,

The places we could’ve been caught and

The silence we never kept —

The reason I fell for you in the first place.


But when I look into your eyes,

I see you have your own walls now.

You have her.


It’s a knife,


I feel it turning within.

I thought that I could


Now that time has passed.


But it twists

Deep inside,

An insidious ugly

That infects throughout

And turns me to someone I don’t like.


You hold the knife,

Always will,

And I can’t move away,

Move on,

Leave the ugly behind.

On Being a Woman at Night

He leans in,

His face is so close —

His hands are closer.

I back up,

Turning my face,

Fear choking my voice.

He can feel it,

The power is a high –

I can see it in his eyes

That he likes it.

He likes that I squirm,

He likes that he has the control.

I shift,

It’s dark,

And there’s nowhere to turn.

His hand grazes my thigh,

Presses higher

And I hate myself as I stand there.

He laughs and moves

Ever so slightly.

I run.

Living In The Dark

Just stop to breath a second

Go back to the beginning

Two, three drinks to clear the head,

Was it so different then?

Can’t tell if I was choosing to be blind,

Ignoring all the telling signs,

We thought we’d risen above that time,

But we’re still choking on the grime,

Will we all make it down this narrow road?

Or only those who try alone.


I want to hold you through this night.



Think of Me

You wouldn’t know this,

But when I dream, it’s still of you.

I find it funny that you were ever mine —

Funny in a breaks my heart kind of way.


I won’t call. I won’t look. I won’t ask.

But I can’t help but flinch when I hear your name,

Or relive a memory from that time when we were us.


Every love song reminds me of what could’ve been

But never was.


I won’t ask if you dream of me.

Losing Sleep

The breath

Is caught, a bubble

That won’t pop or move

And its lodged in my throat,

Tightening my chest and making

It difficult to breath.


One score,

A standardized method

To determine one’s worth on

Paper. What will mine say

About me.