The Girl Who Loved Narcissus

It’s late,

And I’m waiting by the phone

For a message I know

Will likely not arrive.

I’m sullen,

The forgotten mistress

Cast aside in the wake

Of his first love.

It’s a role I swore never to take.

However, it is just how much

He loves his work that

I fell for him.


It is because  of this love for his work

That I will always come in second.


Things that matter

It’s funny, that when you have time,  you blow it

On whatever suits your fancy —

Whimsical moments, time spent chasing things

You only think you care about.

Putting effort into your most immediate desires,

Because you’ll have time later for the things that matter.



Thank god for the people

Who know when to

Force themselves into your time

When it’s running out.

Not Made To Last

I’ve had a wall up for so long that I sometimes forget it’s there,

It suits me, the veneer of detachment that just barely conceals

My insecurities.

You keep trying to break through it, and you’re succeeding.

But I’m terrified that if you do, there will be nothing to protect me

When you leave.

Take Me With You

Your dreams are your drug,

They’re potent, so above anything I’ve ever experienced,

Intoxicating and powerful,

I can feel them roll off of you and drag me in.

The visions –

The things you’ve said –

The things you’ve done –

I’ve never let myself get there,

Never thought that way, never wanted that.

But with you, I inhale it,

I drink it,

I feel it

I want it.

Take me there,

Take me with you.


Finding a Light

Choking on my secret,

The one that no one


I have,

Pretending I’m an open book

Heart on her sleeve

Cliched and easy –

oh, so easy –

To pin-point and define.


I have a secret.

One that would make a statement.

One that would hurt me –

God, it would destroy me –

But might make this world a slightly better place.


I’m still wrestling with it,

Because this world has gone to shit.

What if I take myself out

But leave just a little goodness behind?



Coming Close

Come a little closer,

There’s this heat that’s building

And I wanna see just how hot it can get.


Come a little closer

Because I know that I want you,

You know that you want me too.


Come a little closer,

We’ve been waiting for too long

And we have to leave too soon.


Come a little closer,

I know you’re gonna break my heart,

But I think it’s worth it for you .

Learning to Love

It’s crass, I know,

But I’ve always dated for a checklist.

Always dated with the idea of a plan

Coming before the man

Sitting in front of me.

Will he be one half of a great child?

Will he be one half of a great paycheck?


With you, I don’t see the gene pool,

I see the dad laughing with a child,

I see that my checklist doesn’t matter

When I could smile like this every day

From now on

If you’ll have me.


I just can’t tell

If you’ll have me.